Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shape, colour, texture & typography

After another enjoyable coffee, time to write my blog!

There are many examples of shape, colour, texture and type that I have the pleasure of seeing on a daily basis. Great that I can now capture these on the run with my new phone.
I am particularly keen on different uses of type and am developing a passion for typography. I know that probably sounds weird but part of being a good designer is having these skills and an awareness of the different uses and purposes of type.
I recall when I was at uni I had a class dedicated to the art of type and my teacher at the time was so passionate and is still championing the cause for good typography skills.
The more bad or poor use of type I see, the more I want to follow his cause.

Some people may not realise that the use of typography in our everyday life is very important when communicating a message. Essentially the function of type is to communicate a word or words, but quite often it is also providing a message, image or impression, a warning or an instruction or is letting us know something about a business, service or an event. How could we survive without it!

The job of a designer is to identify appropriate fonts or typefaces and apply them in a way that creates an impression for the viewer.

I particularly love the application of type used in traditional signage.
Handcrafted type is still alive and well © intoimages 2011

Cooking with gas © intoimages 2010
Old forklift signage on a path in Tilba, NSW © intoimages 2011
On my travels during 2010 to Tasmania and New South Wales, I found some lovely old signs that demonstrate the use of type in various forms. All handmade, the application of typography to communicate is a long standing tradition that continues to thrive.

If you have any images of type you want to share with me, please feel free. I would love to see some more examples.

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