Sunday, January 20, 2013

What do you do to stay new?

The new year always brings a sense of excitement to everyone. A chance to make a fresh start, to begin new projects, discover new ways of doing things and of course to begin fulfilling your new year's resolutions.
I started thinking about how that feeling can be really inspiring and motivating, particularly if you are in business. There is a feeling of hope and possibility that, once you get busy and stuck into the year, can sometimes dissipate quite quickly.
I recently had a haircut and a slightly new style and I was amazed at the reaction of my friends. I was told I look younger and fresher and that obviously boosted my confidence and positive outlook. I really was overdue for a change, and with many changes happening in my life this year, I thought, what better way to create the new me with a new do.

The hysteria around my haircut was quite understated compared to the excitement around the world over Michelle Obama's new 'bangs'. Who would have thought that a simple haircut with a fringe could cause so much excitement. It's more exciting than Barack becoming president for another four years??
But, there's no denying, that feeling of something new really gets us going and makes us feel new as well.

It got me thinking about how brands are creating that feeling for their customers. How do you create that exciting feeling of receiving something new or displaying something new in your business?
There is nothing better than that feeling of purchasing something new, especially if the packaging, price and overall brand experience has been a part of the excitement.

I remember feeling so excited to receive a package in the post after purchasing a product online. It was exciting just to receive a package in the mail again, even though it was purchased on the internet. Opening the brown paper package was thrilling, but even better, was the packaging of the product itself. It was really well designed, with a shiny black box opening like a treasure chest, revealing another package inside that had a zip. Inside was my brand new hair straightener; to go with my new do!

Everything old is new again too. I recently heard a discussion between my husband and daughter about these new skateboards that the kids are calling 'pennies'. My husband kept arguing that they were "always called skateboards when we were young", but apparently they are no longer skateboards, according to my daughter, "they are pennies and that's final!"
Even the old bikes we used to ride as kids are making a comeback. They are relaunched in new colours, rebranded and tada! the vintage bike is new again.

So what can you do to create something new each time you connect with your customers? Now more than ever it is easier to do this. Through social media and blogging, to email and even old fashioned telephone calls, you can add something new each time. It might be the way you sign off on your emails - try something new each time and see if your customers notice. Or a new message of inspiration on facebook every day, a new blog each week, or even introducing a new product into your range occasionally to capture their attention again.
Afterall, it is your current customers who are your brand advocates. If they are excited by your brand each time they come in contact, there is more chance that they will tell others and stay loyal to you and your newness.

Let me know what you do to stay new!

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