Saturday, November 3, 2012

Every picture tells a story

Brand image is a perception and it is shown in so many ways. How we speak, our tone of voice, how we behave and how we look. Everyone has a unique story and it's important to tell that story and portray that image when you are communicating your brand to your customers.

Take a look at these images below that I took on my travels around country Victoria recently. So much history and stories to tell. When you look at these images, try to imagine the stories behind them and let your imagination run wild - maybe even write me a short story of what you think the history is behind these wonderful images I had the pleasure of photographing.

I love the shapes and textures of this old piece of machinery that someone
invented and carefully, painstakingly constructed to perform a task. 

This old hay and grain store is in Lancefield, Victoria and looks like it
has many stories to tell. Perhaps it was once a town hall or even a pub. 

The old typography adds to the charm of this otherwise quite plain
weatherboard building. It looks to have been handpainted too and reminds
us that talented craftsmanship was prevalent in designers and signwriters
back in the old days - thankfully there are still some typographers out
there who take pride in their craft.

I love these old rusty bolds that were also once a creative and innovative
invention to serve a purpose. I also love the colour as you can tell, the
rusty red colour is the colour I chose for intoimages.

The word produce invokes a sense of the normal and home grown products
that have now become chic and trendy but once upon a time were how
people lived their everyday - growing their own vegetables, making their
own bread - completely normal activity - somehow it is nice to hold onto
these old ways to maintain our humanity and simplicity.

I came across this charming little tractor while out for lunch in Donnybrook
earlier this year. What a beautiful part of the world and possibly not very
well known to most people. It takes me back to my country upbringing
and reminds me of the space and freedom of being a kid in the country.

Once again the rustic and the rusty is appealing to my
senses. Love the old bluestone hut, gum tree and tractor
composition - what a story it tells!

I wonder at what point and why this vehicle was abandoned.

Great shapes and lines - an exquisite piece
of industrial design. Have to admire our
predecessors who had such talent.

When I take photos to represent a product, some careful thought goes into how to present the scene and how it will be perceived by the viewer. Composition, lighting and telling a story is what I love about art direction and presenting the story in such a way as to entice and provide an experience for the viewer. The images draw you into another world and connect with each person in a unique way - it is that connection that resonates and encourages a person to buy or follow a brand.

Let me know your stories. Can't wait to read them.
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  1. When I look out from the back porch I can see the old butter factory, it's now used for a different purpose...but I wish it was still a butter factory, employing the town's people and making blocks of golden goodness!

    1. Thank you Carol for your reply. It is, I think, good for the soul to reflect on what has come before us and even though time means progress, there are still simple things in life that we need to remember and hold onto. Too much of our world is overcomplicated and we are always bombarded with so much information. Simple things like seeing an old butter factory can take us back to a more simple way of life. I hope you liked the images. I would love to see some pictures of your butter factory!