Monday, March 14, 2011

It's all about the 'experience'

Nature's brilliance © intoimages 2011

I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing the opportunity to photograph a very beautiful garden over the weekend. It was quite an emotional experience to see these gorgeous pieces of nature and reflect on how nature can be so beautiful, and yet so dangerous after the recent events we have witnessed this year.
It is hard to describe sometimes how an experience affects your mood, your outlook or your subconscious but you know that when you have that experience, you want to share it with at least one person or more.

Social media has now made this so much more powerful and many brands are taking advantage of this word of mouth medium to get their message out there. But now, more than ever, brands need to offer customers something extra special for positive messages to be spread around the internet.

Nature at it's most brilliant pink © intoimages 2011

To understand how a brand can become successful, we need to delve into the overall experience that you might have had with a particular product or service. It is that experience that prompts you to tell others to give it a try.
It is therefore no surprise that many high profile brands are developing and rediscovering their brands in an attempt to attract new customers and 'buzz' around their products.

Many high profile brands are currently in a rebranding phase to improve and develop their brand to the next level and they are doing this by investing in and improving their customer experience.

Living and breathing colour © intoimages 2011
I recently came across an ad in a Qantas inflight magazine for the new Myer shopping experience.
Myer has developed an interesting strategy to promote their new store by utilising the well known fashion designers who are a part of the new customer experience. They have used testimonials from the designers to explain their take on the new shopping experience at one of the most well known retail stores in Australia. It is an enticing invitation for everyday people to experience what we may think is out of reach. To shop in a sophisticated and beautiful environment that could be anywhere in the world, but is right here, in Melbourne.

Some designers were quite emotional about their experiences, "I went to set up our store at Myer Melbourne and found myself teary. Suddenly, everything is brand new....",Charlie Brown, and "Myer has created a beautiful atmosphere - have a champagne, escape the everyday rush and lose yourself in the experience", TL Wood.

Leaves me breathless! © intoimages 2011
It is this physical and emotional experience that ensures you remember a brand and want to spread the word, or go back there again and again.
A trip to Myer was a highlight for many people way back in the 60's and 70's, but somehow lost it's appeal along the way. Myer has now tapped into what made it so appealing back then and it is something that cannot be emulated quite as effectively if you shop online.
Online shopping is a constant threat to retail, so something has to be done to improve and entice shoppers into stores. The answer is that something extra special - 'an experience.'

The 'Rouge' experience © intoimages 2011

An experience doesn't have to be as big and expensive as the Myer example, it can be the smallest and finest detail that adds to the value of what your brand offers. I saw this pink bike parked on Collins Street and instantly had a Rouge experience. This special sign gave the impression that a visit to Rouge Beauty Therapy would be a lovely one. What a great way to promote your business.
Of course, it wouldn't appeal to everyone, but to females walking up the dull, grey footpath on a lunch break, the pink bike instantly attracts attention and entices you to experience the brand.

My son's babycino at his favourite cafe © intoimages 2011

Just like this example, it is something memborable, or personal like special packaging, a smiley face on a babycino, beautiful paper that your stationery is printed on, comfortable and cosy waiting room where your customers feel relaxed while waiting.....this list could go on.

What is the experience that your brand provides for your customers?

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  1. This is great rach, it's those simple things that make you remember, a welcoming touch to make you feel valued & a little bit special..