Friday, April 15, 2011


Recently I took my son for a trip on the train into the city for the day. When visiting the city I like to pretend I'm a tourist and look around with different eyes. To view the world through his little eyes is a great experience also.

There are so many things to see and many busy people to watch.

Red chair sculpture 1 © intoimages 2011
I found this chair just sitting outside the NGV in Flinders Street and couldn't resist taking some shots of it. The colour is the intoimages brand colour so I had to have some record of this chair. It was almost calling me to notice it.

Red chair sculpture 2 © intoimages 2011
I took some shots from various perspectives and it began to take the form of a wonderful piece of artwork or sculpture. Quite a few people gave me some weird looks as I snapped away, but it got me thinking about perspective and compositions and how we look at things a certain way.

Red chair sculpture 3 © intoimages 2011
When developing a logo or branding for clients, as a designer it is part of my job to look at a business from the customer's perspective in order to communicate a message effectively. From the outside looking in. 

As a business owner, it is quite a task to do this to your own business. However, how often have you actually done this and really looked at how your customers' view your brand? 
How do customers' feel about your service and the products you offer? What is the first impression they have of your business and if you were them, would you use you? Would you come back? Or would you try somewhere else?

Red chair sculpture 4 © intoimages 2011
The way customers make purchasing decisions is changing and as business owners, we have to change with it. Our way of thinking and our approach to how we appeal to customers needs to evolve along with the changing landscape of buying and selling. Competition is everywhere now that we have more access to purchasing overseas. 

It is now time to really take stock and look at things from a different perspective. For more information on developing your brand, visit

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  1. What a beautiful chair..thank you for noticing it and placing the images here. I love the way it looks tree related front on and yet from the side it resembles a mushroom/fungus type shape.