Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The power in the tradition of a brand

Everyone is aware of the wonderful achievement of her royal highness, Queen Elizabeth who is celebrating 60 years on the throne. Each day we are greeted with images of royal engagements, with the Queen in her matching outfits and Duchess Kate looking glamorous while Prince William dons the regal costumes of times gone by. The pomp and ceremony, the horses and the coaches, the interesting hats and feathers, pins and services that the whole family is involved in, reminds us that there is so much history and traditional customs that are still a major part of the monarch.

It got me thinking about how traditions are so important when it comes to your brand. If you are part of an established company, it is perhaps unwise to forget where you have come from and the history and events that have formed the story of the brand. The royals have managed to move into the future but have not forgotten their roots and the importance of those traditions. Nor have the English people who turned out in their thousands to see the Queen on the streets of London. The United Kingdom is unique in that it is a contemporary society that stays true to the characters and personalities of the Royal Family, forming the identity of the UK. The sense of pride and the awareness that this is something special is infectious throughout the world.

I am a lover of horses so of course I loved seeing them and hearing them trot down the well worn streets of London and outside Windsor castle. It stirs emotion and pride that we, as Australians, are still a part of the Commonwealth and should be proud.

It is doing wonders for the brand that is the Royal Family and, along with the Royal wedding last year, the Queen has managed to make it all about the royals for the past two years. The family have revealed more about themselves and their "normal" personalities, but have also continued to honour all of the traditions those before them had created. This has restored the absolute power of the monarchy in the minds of people all around the world, and the power of tradition behind the brand.

So to forget or be complacent about traditions is to ignore some of what encompasses a brand. 

I think the Queen is quite lovely!!

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